Route İstanbul is being located on the most central and prestigious towns of İstanbul, called Ataköy. All roads lead to Route Istanbul for whom looking for a profitable investment with E5 Highway, TEM Highway with Basın Express Road, coastal road, metro, metrobus and Ataturk Airport.

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We always produce solutions as of 1987 till today, we opened new ways, we always said “let’s have some courage”, we ran after extraordinary ideas, we made those ideas alive… We were always constructors… This is our nature!

As a company that constructed thousands of residences until today, we know that well “A person shall look like where he lives”.
“A house” is the home of a person, it is the family, the youth, dreams, happiness, memories… “The house” is life. Thus, we race with ourselves in order to "add a new value, a new meaning to the life" and "to make it “better”… It is not very hard to understand a city by looking at buildings inside it. Many cities all around the world are known with their famous buildings. Buildings and constructions form the character of cities. We attribute giving “Branded and Famous Buildings” to cities we live with more modern, social and qualified buildings.
Now, a company with more than 30 years of experience, it gives us strength to look back. When we need courage, it is enough for us to look back to what we did in the past and to see the happiness of thousands of families who live in the houses we built.
We knew on the first day that we entered in the industry with a small step that we shall be one of those well-known and prestigious companies that made the largest residence projects of Turkey. Because, we always give the priority to human! We always say “human first!” We constructed all of our projects with this principle. We do not say “we are done!” after many years of experience and tenths of projects. We are as excited as the first day, we have many things to learn, there are many things to dream, there are many routes to go in order to add some joy to the life... This is our nature!